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Invite Wellness and Healing into your Life.


Stress Reduction Massage

 a traditional Swedish style therapeutic massage with the focus on peace, harmony and balance.  This full body massage helps soothe and relax tired muscles, calms the nervous system, reduces mental stress and promotes a general sense of well being.

30 minutes - $45  

Face and Feet Express

 Includes face, head, neck, legs and feet.  Warm river stones are placed on the body to help induce relaxation during a choice of stress reduction or deep tissue therapy.

30 minutes - $45

Deep Tissue Massage

A more intense massage.  Very specific manipulations and deep, almost painful pressure used to work the deeper layer of muscle.  Promotes the break-up of stagnant toxins and lactic acid build up.  Trigger points will be released.  Can be an amazing adjunct to your fitness routine.

Your session will be customized for your special needs.  Recommendations may be given to include exercises, stretches, lifestyle modification or follow-up care.

30 minutes - $45  70 minutes - $85  

Japanese Hot Stone Massage

Hot basalt stones melt away tension and transport you to a place of deep relaxation.  Perfect relief of sore, tight muscles from skiing, riding, cycling, golfing, etc. and also is the magical cure for stress.  It's an experience like no other!

70 minutes - $85

Prenatal Massage

As your body changes, this soothing massage helps relieve backaches, leg cramping and sciatic-like pain.  Nausea, fatigue and headaches can also be reduced while you "reclaim" your body for an hour.  Additional training and certification is important for your therapist to have for the safety of you and your baby.   www.katejordanseminars.com

75 minutes - $85

Raindrop Aromatherapy

A powerful holistic treatment that helps calm the nervous system.  Raindrop uses multiple application of pure essential oils accompanied by reflexology techniques to stimulate your body's healing systems.  This treatment promotes healing and body/mind balance, leaving you with a feeling of peace, calm and clarity.  Oils used include almond, valor, cypress, wintergreen, basil, thyme, oregano, marjoram and peppermint.

75 minutes - $85

Thai Yoga Massage

A Thai session today differs little from a Thai session thousands of years ago.  Given on a mat on the floor, the receiver wears loose, comfortable clothing.  In addition to stretching the muscles and relieving tension and spasm, Thai yoga massage improves circulation, boosts the immune system, balances energy and induces a calm mental state.  This healing art combines therapeutic stretching, joint mobilization, rhythmic rocking and acupressure. It can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age or physical activity level.

90 minutes - $115

Swe-Thai Massage

An Eastern-Western blend of advanced soft tissue therapy and Thai massage techniques.  Swe-Thai is given on a massage table using massage lotion, friction massage, acupressure, and yoga style stretches.  Energy lines, known as SEN, are worked using hands, thumbs, feet, elbows and knees.

75 minutes - $85

 Ashiatsu Barefoot Bar Therapy

Deep tissue compression massage using smooth, flowing, continuous foot pressure.  Satisfy even the seasoned client who never feels a massage is "deep enough." Requires special advanced training and certification.  www.deepfeet.com

75 minutes - $85

Foot Reflexology

Begin with a warm herbal foot bath.  Recline and relax as a combination of massage techniques and acu-thumb pressure is used to stimulate reflex points all over the feet.  Reflexology can help reduce stress, relieve back pain, drain sinuses, increase energy and improve sleep.

75 minutes - $75

"The Back Specific" Myofascial Release

Back specific techniques are a part of the CORE Myofascial Therapy certification course.  These techniques have proven beneficial for chronic back pain, sciatica, frozen shoulder or other soft tissue injuries to the general region of the back, shoulders, neck and hips.  Strokes are applied with slow smooth, deep pressure, using hands fists, forearms, elbows and fingertips.  www.coreinstitute.com

70 minutes - $70

Deluxe Mountain Escape

The ultimate in relaxation and a great reason to come back to Vermont.  Start with a warm herbal foot soak and a tea tree oil foot scrub.  Follow with a soothing foot reflexology session.  Next enjoy a warm paraffin hand treatment accompanied by calming Reiki. During a short break rejuvenate with a healthy organic snack and detoxifying drink.  Relax and unwind with our choice of Deep tissue OR Classic European Massage.  Each session includes an eclectic mix of Swe-Thai, Hot Stone, Ashiatsu and Aromatherapy.  Your treatment has been reserved especially for you.  As a courtesy to other guests a 48 hour cancellation policy is necessary.  Advance reservations recommended

4+ hours - $295

Note:  1/2 of full price required for late cancellation.

In-Touch is open 7 Days a week - by Appointment


Aromatherapy - during any treatment, enjoy the healing benefits of essential oils to meet your individual needs - $10

Hot Stones - Enjoy the soothing heat of specially chosen Basalt stone to enhance your therapy session and create a state of deep relaxation - $15

Hot Paraffin - Hands or feet dipped in warm lavender, peppermint or tea tree paraffin to moisturize and hydrate.  Soothes away soreness and rejuvenates tired hands and feet. Hands - $10; Feet - $20

Eye Mask - Moist soothing Herbal disposable eye pads placed over tired, puffy eyes and covered with magnetic therapy eye mask. - $15

Gift Suggestions

In Touch Therapy of the Month Club

January -Japanese Hot Stone Massage
February - Deep tissue with Herbal Hot Packs
March - Face and Feet plus Reiki
April - Full body Swedish
May - Raindrop Aromatherapy
June - Foot Reflexology
July - Back Specific with CORE Myofascial Spreading
August - Deep Tissue with cold Marble Stones
September - Traditional Thai Yoga Massage
October - Ashiatsu Pure Relaxation style Barefoot Massage
November- Ashiatsu Barefoot Deep Compression Therapy
December - Postural Release and Sports Massage

Each 70 minute session begins with a choice of a warm herbal foot soak or a hot paraffin hand treatment.  You gift bag includes 12 gift Certificates plus a 16 oz. scented Beanpod Soy Candle.  Can you imagine a more perfect gift than this?!


Note:  Home visits must be scheduled in advance.  "Ladies Getaway Retreats" receive priority consideration.  A credit card is required for home visit reservations.

For questions, information and/or directions email: intouchtherapeutics@gmail.com

Call 802 228-7744 for an appointment.

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